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Along with website content improvement and high rankings in search engines, there is an undeniable fact that traffic itself can boost your sales records and profits by at least 100 – 200% within a short time. Therefore, businesses today all are racing in their market to gain the most possible amount of targeted traffic to, for some, save their business and for others, to expand their business to the much higher levels.

However, there are winners and there are also losers in that traffic race. Winners are those who can do the process of traffic generation properly and vice versa, losers are those who can’t or are not creative and daring enough to do it. As said, in the war of internet business, you have to be able to foresee the coming trends and brave enough to invest adequately to gain the best results.

One of the way to foresee accurately the buying trends is to get into the heart of customers, find out what they can’t find out from the existing market and try to meet their needs. To know doesn’t always means you have to ask. Some of your website traffic won’t know why they should use your service or product and some others don’t even know there is a kind of products or services like yours in their life.

To advertise doesn’t mean you always have to say to their ears. There can be some other ways which can do the job more effectively. That is viral marketing. Viral marketing has the features of viruses, rapid contagiousness and varied transformation. There are also various ways of doing viral marketing. I’m mentioning just one of the most effective ways here.

To create something viral of course you have to have a virus first. A virus can be anything but should be as attractive as possible. To my case, I used some free stuff that is very affordable but also really fascinating. I gave away some free e-books, some free service and or some free downloadable materials. The point is that you have to cause it a buzz and importantly, your free give-aways also need to have good content enough to last long and widely. Invest some fair amount of time and even money if necessary to produce useful free materials.

The rest of the process is only that you build up some gate ways for your website traffic to rush to get your gifts. Make good landing pages to ensure your gifts to add more importance and thus bring better results of your viral marketing campaigns. That is just one of the ways, as said, that is proven effective, at least in my case and my ways, to succeed in viral marketing. Just believe in your creativeness, knowledge and skills to get the best out of this marketing with a virus.

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